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Here are some links to the web pages of some friends and relatives. If you'd like to be added to this list, please send your name and web site address to: For web pages at Geocities, you may have to move an advertisement window out of the way.

Family and relatives:
Mom and Dad:

Christian friends:
Mark and Linda Finn:
Ray Perron:

Railfan Friends:
Geno Dailey:
Matt Donnelly:
Ron McElrath:
Mark Wurst:

Friends from Taylor University:
Todd Comer:
Randy Cox:
Rick Muthiah:
Kevin Shafer:
Eric and April Wood: or April Wood is also involved in Discovery Toys,
Adam Valle:

Friends from the North Country (Upstate New York):
George Brown:
John Blanchard:
David and Karen Caldwell:
Ken and Geri Hedden: and Believers United:
Pete Hutchinson:
Chad Jordon:
Scott and Alice Patchett:
Ray Wright:

Friends from New Providence Presbyterian Church:
Keith Bishop:
The Rev. Steve Clark:

Silver Bay Friends:
Dan Garcia:
Roy Gorham:
Theo Kovaleff:
Fred Becker:

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Organizations I am or have been involved with:

I work for and have eaten at Fehn's 1891 House. The food is excellent and service is great! A very nice place to eat. The web page is at:

In the spring of 2003, I traveled to Morelia, Michoachán, Mexico, where I applied my computer skills to benefit RYCCA. The web page is at:

When living in the Adirondacks, I attended the Hague Wesleyan Church. The web page is at:

I am a member of the GCDRA, which stands for Greater Capital District Railfan Association. They have a yahoo group which is not very active.

During the winter of 1999-2000, I worked occasionally for Emerging Markets Web Design and Hosting. The address is:

In the fall of 1999, I worked for a short time with the American Renewal Foundation. The address is: I am still occasionally involved with this organization.

Here is a link to the web page of a former employer, the Silver Bay Association. I built this web page up from nothing until the spring of 1999. The site was professionally redone in the fall of 2000. The address is:

I attended College at Taylor University, where I received my bachelor's degree. The address is:

When I was a teenager, I went to summer camp for 4 years at Brook Woods in Alton, New Hampshire, a Christian summer camp. The address is:

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Organizations of a particular interest to me:

I like honey. And in particular, I love the honey produced by Champlain Valley Apiaries, based in Middlebury, VT. Here's their web page:

Dakin Farm is a specialty foods shop in Ferrisburg, VT, along Rt. 7. It has been a family favorite since I was little, selling maple syrup, jams, jellies, cheeses, and a variety of other goodies. Here's their web page:

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I have a presence on the web beyond my own web site.

While in Mexico, I completely redesigned the site for RYCCA. This site has been redone since my redesign.

My web page on Arto Monaco's Land of Make Believe has a link to it from the web page for the show "People Near Here" produced by Mountain Lake PBS in Plattsburg, New York. To see this link, go to
When you get to this site, click on "Local Programs" from the list on the left. Then click on "People Near Here" (you'll have to scroll down a bit).
Toward the bottom of the page, there is a list of links to series program titles. Click on
Series 1 Program Titles and Summaries
then click on
#101 - Arto Monaco: The Land of Makebelieve

Go back one page and click on
Series 3 Program Titles and Summaries
then click on
#304 - Return to The Land of Makebelieve

Videos for both of these shows can be ordered (as of January 2004) at the same web location.

A link to my Land of Makebelieve page can also be found on this page under "Other Fairytale Parks" 'Land of Makebelieve':

A railfan hotspot that I submitted is listed here: North Elizabeth, NJ on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor

A list of Amtrak Stations that I typed up and maintain can be found at several places.
This list is no longer maintained:
A link to this trainweb page can be found at:

I created a program in a computer language called CLIPS that prints out the lyrics to the song "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall." Many other people did the same for other languages. The web site this existed on was gone as of October 2001, but I found it again in Dec 2003 at: You can also find other pages with a similar list by searching Google. Please note that this is an exercise in writing the same program in as many different languages as possible, and has nothing to do with alcohol. My code produces non-alcoholic digital beer. If you would like a copy of my code, you can ask me by e-mail.

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Other links:

These files are essentially my web bookmarks. I use text files because they are easier for me to handle. The lists are constantly changing and may not always be organized well. Some links may no longer be valid. Surf these links at your own risk. I do not necessarily endorse or agree with anything on any site you go to from here, but most of these sites contain information that I take an interest in, otherwise, I wouldn't list them. Also, I make no guarantee or take any responsibility for their reliability or content. If you find any links that don't work or are mislabelled, please e-mail me at

Here is a list of Christian related web sites. These sites are broken down by the following categories:
Resource and search engine sites
Sites dedicated to specific topics
6 day Biblical Creationism vs Evolution
Government and Christianity
Other Useful Christian sites, not organized

Here is a list of Macintosh related web sites. These sites are broken down by the following categories:
Apple sites
Non-Apple Operating systems for the Mac
Software Development information
Technical Support
Enthusiasts Sites
Other Mac sites

Here is a list of railroad related web sites. These sites are broken down by the following categories:
Passenger Railroad info
Freight Railroad sites
Railfan related sites
Generally fun stuff related to Railroads
Hobby stores, videos, things to buy
Railfan related publications
Railroad related e-mail lists
Railroad Societies and Organizations
Personal RR web pages
Other rail related sites

Here is a collection of links to web sites that I found interesting. These sites are broken down by the following categories:
Pro Life sites
Political/Government stuff
Conservative sites
Jobs and employment
Fun Stuff and games on the web
Internet related stuff
Computer stuff
Electronic Greetings
Environment and Recycling
Miscellaneous, Other, and Not sorted sites

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Offline text files:

I have a significant collection of text files that I keep offline. These files contain information on a variety of topics. Indexes for parts of my collection that relate to topics I already have pages for appear on those pages. These indexes cover general topics, not necessarily individual file titles. Please e-mail me if you are interested in anything I might have. I have a significant number of files for items that are in ALL CAPITALS. When you e-mail me, please let me know how you found my web site, and if you have a web site, please include the address.

 Planitary distances for scale model of the Solar System based in Peoria, Illinois
 Jupiter (Shumaker-Levy commet impact)
Computer stuff (Vax stuff and Ascii chart)
CONSERVATIVE STUFF (same as link to Political stuff)
Environmental Issues
Greetings (Text based pictures, Christmas greetings)
Homeschool stuff
Info/charts (periodic table, just symbols)
 Holiday specific stuff
 Quotes from various people
 Other stuff as well 
Internet Info
 30,000 digits of Pi
 Prime numbers
POLITICAL STUFF (same as link to Conservative stuff)
Railroad stuff

Turing Machine made with model trains and tracks

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