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-Matt Conrad
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Prividing fine art and Mac software for train nuts like myself
(Mac Railroad stuff.  Look under Railroad Web sites, search for Conrad

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For OS 9, but requires a faster processor than I have

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Reservation System software
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 02:05:39 -0800
From: The EvangeList Mailing List 
Subject: PR -  Reservation System For B&B'S and Inns

This announcement is from:

Chuck Miller 

Charles Miller, President of Informed Solutions, Inc. announced the 
release of a new version, 4.5, and has announced a price 
restructuring of its InnFormed Manager reservation and guest tracking 
software. Keeping up with the computer industry in general, the full, 
unlimited software package is now selling for $150 less than it was 
just a year ago. Available for almost all Macintosh (a power mac is 
suggested) [Runs great on an iMac] computers running system 7.0 or 
higher, InnFormed Manager made its new release available January 10, 
1999. Complete with built-in word processing, including mail-merge 
features, full reporting capability and comprehensive reservation 
options, InnFormed Manager is completely Y2K compliant and at the 
cutting edge in software for the operation of small inns and bed and 

For further information contact Informed Solutions, Inc. at (617) 
739-0306 or email to . You are invited 
to check out the InnFormed Manager website: 
. The regular price is $450.00 plus 
shipping and handling of about $10.00 plus tax for state of MA. As a 
special incentive for those replying from the evangalist we will 
reduce the price by another $50.00.

Independence day screen saver

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Inside Macintosh ManualsGet the whole Inside Macintosh from Apple's net archives., in

Source code for MAC OS X to the public. It's part of a program we call
Darwin and forms the basis of our support for the Open Source movement. Learn more about Darwin at

Good source of sample code

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Complete Software Conflict Compendium of conflicts and incompatibilities,  describes the causes, symptoms, and cures for the conflicts that affect our Macs.
If you are unable to access the site by web, or if you wish to have
the source info for the Compendium, it is available as a BinHexed,
compressed, tabbed-text file by anonymous FTP from:

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Please check the web site in about a week (it is in the process of being set up, but is not quite ready yet) at

MacSurfer and the Ultimate Macintosh are great examples of how much the 
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Another great Pro Mac page

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