Bible Resources:

Solar System:

Pro Life sites:
Extensive site on Abortion issues

Pro-Life Lutherans group

Blacks for Life, making light of abortion being a Civil Rights/racial issue

No exceptions for abortion (even for "Life of Mother cases")

National Right to Life Committee web page

Cherish children both pre-born and post born

A Sex preference neutral Pro Life site.  Quite interesting...

The text for Hope and Healing is posted at
For more information, contact: Amy Sobie, (217) 525-8202

Pro-Life Infonet, a daily pro-life news and information email list moderated by Steven Ertelt. Infonet is sent to you each day at no cost. For more information on Infonet, see

Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online offering listings for crisis pregnancy centers in every state and Canada

Roe v. Wade: 26 Years of Life Denied

The Armchair Lobbyist

Indiana Citizens for Life
5001 Plaza East Blvd,
Ste. B, Evansville, IN 47715
see realtime video of their commercials at

Americans United for Life, is a national, public-interest law firm
dedicated to reinstating respect for human life through law and education,
This web page provides information about the abortion-breast cancer link,
woman's right to know laws, and other general information about AUL's
activities.  AUL would like to invite anyone interested to visit our new web
page and send us your feedback via email provided on our page.  The address
for this new web page is:

A very prolife girl who died in a hiking accident

Natural Family Planning

This is about our government's codified legal preference of unborn animal
life over unborn human life.

The EagleCross Alliance

I came across a document on the Web where Pat Buchanan states and 
justifies his position on abortion: (Adam)

Maine Right to life site

Parenthood Web, including journal of Due Dates for pregnant women

Lists by state (search field to enter the State) of shelters for pregnant mothers
Same search engine also on this site
Related site, contains a video of an abortion, the doctor who performed the abortion isn't doing abortions after the video
Also contains how to tell your parents you're pregnant.

A new website offers an excellent tool and opportunity for you to broach
the subject of abstinence subject with your children and grandchildren,, also carried under

Vote on your abortion stance, voting mechanism may not be working
Contains a link to another Pregnancy Centers directory

Another search engine for crisis pregnancy centers

Putting Women first in the Pro-life movement

Political stuff:
US Government:
White House

US Senate

US Supreme Court

US Mint

Supreme Court Cases

Pat Buchanan

Political Parties:

Republican Party (or .org or other extension?)

Democrat Party

Election info
Election results all candidates for 2008

Election Calculator map


US Legal Code - law reference desk at your fingertips


Laws and bills in Congress

Justice Information Center

Legal advice

Legal forms

Foundation of America

Christian Exodus is coordinating the move of thousands of
Christians to South Carolina for the express purpose of
re-establishing Godly, constitutional government.

Conservative sites:
Conservative organizations:

Educational on Constitutional law issues

Restoring moral and religious values in America (web address is a guess)

Gold and Silver Coin is only legal currency

Ken Hamblin a.k.a. "The Black Avenger," a black conservative
(From the Family Research Council?)

Mike Reagan

America's Founding principles support site

Discussion forum for conservative issues

Conservative Political Action Conference

Newswatch Magazine

Government control and/or conspiracy:

Executive Orders

Vote Fraud

"The most dangerous site on the web"

American Soldier commanded to serve under foreign (UN) command, refused, as it is treason and against the US constitution

Money that is based on hours, instead of the US dollar, which is merely based on confidence

Documents referring to creating a "Global Community."  Sounds rather communistic... These are efforts to obtain a sustainable society by creating a planned economy

reference to the document Our Global Neighborhood in this short piece

Here's why some people don't believe the official version of the 9/11 story, where's the plane?!?

Citizens Rule Book, Constitutional rights and responsibilities

I have designed a brand new T-Shirt that is available for sale at  I have just posted the page today
with the order form.  It is a simple white T-Shirt with navy lettering that
says "I'm part of the Vast Right Wing CONSPIRACY" is selling for $15.95 plus
$4.95 shipping and handling.

Alex Jones "Road to Tyranny"


Joseph Kellard's site, the American Individualist

Capitalism magazine

Moral Defence of Capitolism

Ayn Rand Institute

The Ayn Rand Institute has set up two specialized websites, one devoted to its opposition to multiculturalism, which can be found at

the other devoted to its defense of  Microsoft, at

The Intellectual Activist
An Objectivist Review based on Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

An organization dedicated to defending individual rights and freedoms through the free market approach

Stuff on Communism:

Web page of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, supporting communism:

Conservative news sites:
NewsMax (Conservative I believe, but not necessarily)

Worldnet Daily (Conservative)

Steve Myers American Renewal Foundation news site

A news source in the middle east, perhaps Israel?  Very current news

Job search sites:

Jobs in the medical and technical science fields

An employment agency

Summer Jobs

Resort Jobs

Search classified ads to find a job anywhere in the US

America's Job Bank
also contains lots of helpful hints for employers, job seakers, and use of the internet.
Use this address to get to an extensive list of job opening and resume posting sites
High Tech jobs

America's Career InfoNet

America's Learning Exchange, available and needed training packages

Useful Job searching/placing materials


The Main Quad - More student connection stuff, not jobs, really.

The Monster Board

Online Career Center

Yahoo! Classifieds

America's talent bank

A job site that doesn't host resumes.  Does stuff by e-mail mostly

Job fairs

Fun Stuff and Games:
Board games, play tournament style on the web

Rubber woman falling through bubbles

Stupid Videos

good political video

Free Cell (card game)

Create word scrambles and word searches (site has lots of other stuff)

Crossword Puzzle generators

Crossword Puzzle software for Windows

for interesting math and other problems,including unsolved problems

Cootie page

Launch fireworks above the statue of liberty


A Cheer-me-up smiley web page


Escher pictures (Fall of the house)

The Museum of Bad Art features bad art. Really bad art.

Sheep Page

Towers of Hanoi

Card trick, really a trick on the eyes.
Probably same card trick: 

Tipsy Bessie, the Alabaster Cow

Different stuff (weird) (Some guy's refrigerator), actually, all the things stuck to the front

A Random Link

Deep Thought of the Day

Official Darwin awards (people who, by their stupidity, "Naturally Select themselves out")

Entertainment Murder Mystery in different settings, including trains.

See if you can choose the right penny

Are your real teeth not quite rotten enough for you? Order a set of these disgusting choppers and let the fun begin!

If you like popping real bubble wrap, try this online version

Fling a Cow! Hours... OK, minutes....of bovine-hurling fun

The FBI, IRS, CIA, and Big Brother Government is watching!

Web Based Games:

Good Willie hunting, a cute little Clinton bashing game

Asteroids game

KinderStart Online Games, a variety of different games Games


Good Clean Funnies List

Lots of cool cartoons

Funny town names

Free Funny downloadable videos

Links to many free funny downloadable audio and video files

       T  H  E     T  O  P     F  I  V  E     L  I  S  T
To subscribe:    Send mail to
To unsubscribe:  Send mail to
For more information: Send mail to
    with "INFO" in the *subject* line of the message.
To report a sighting of a Top Five List in other media
    Send mail to with "BINGO!" in the *subject*.

LaughWEB --is no more, but offer made for someone else to host the site

The lego company home page

Cool Lego Structures
Lego Grandfather Clock

Lego Church

North Georgia Lego Train Club

Cool Lego sites

For lego building software

Lego Star Wars Trilogy

Internet related stuff:

Great site for learning about the Internet

Another helpful instructive site for learning the internet

Using the web in new ways

Internet Coffee shops:
Bean Central (Coffee shop in Nashville, near the Parthenon)

Cafe Internet in Muskeegon Michigan
2417 W Sherman Blvd, corner of Sherman & Lincoln
This address isn't working

Internet providers:

Address Lists

Stopping or reducing Junk E-mail:
Steve Myers Spam blocker

AOL: Keyword Marketing Preferences

These two appear to be the same


Anti-spam software This site was beta-testing anti junk e-mail software

Search Engines and internet directories:

Searches the web by looking for links within sites returned by your search criteria... or something like that.

find  ANYTHING,  ANYWHERE,  ANYTIME,  like magic . . . .  
.......with    MAGICSEARCH

Search The Internet with The Internet Sleuth, it will do 6 searches at once...

A page dedicated to keeping an eye on search engines

Web crawler that looks for broken links.
SEVENtwentyfour Inc. ("Always watching the Web")

Web Magazine

Web ring central site for many topics

Internet directory

Chat sites:
Futuristic Chat Site

Free stuff on the internet:
Free web page hosting

OnLineNow  wants to personally invite you to 
"Add Your Link, Free" to OnLineNow World Wide Directories.

Just go to:
Fill out the form, selecting the category and city or country you
would like your link in, and then submit it. Your link will be added 
right then and there. 

No Web Page? Create a Free Page OnLineNow !  (I can't find where to do this)
OnLineNow World Wide

Related pages to look up for CGI examples

Computer stuff:

Upload your freeware/shareware here:

Upload  Mac freeware/shareware

Various software for sale, has old copies of Microsoft Access even after MS discontinued it

Campaign Associates, maker of GiftMaker Pro software for the Macintosh

ParaSoft JTest software to test code for bugs in Java, C, and other languages
Marcel Johnson
888-305-0041 x 185

Free software to print a web page

Microsoft Fox Pro

Emulation site

Online Access:
Now available for Mac!

HTML and web page building help sites:
For designing web sites

Building your page

Complete index of HTML tags

HTML Complete guide


Create Online store, first 10 items free.

Inspect your web site for problems

Web site graphics

Free Backgrounds

Reducing bit per image ratio

You are personally invited to come and 
see the future of website design.

For ranking web sites

Web site summaries

Internet Seer.. monitors your web site, could be quite useful;jsessionid=aaabHbyNzT2Mt_

Java helps

Javascript manuals... perhaps the most useful

Sample code and programs

Computer Languages info:

Language lists, compilers, etc.  Lots of good stuff!

C/C++ Journal

Icon is a language.

Character Encoding, Ascii ANSI, UTF-8 and so forth

Scanner Tips

E-mail news letter
SunWorld Online is a monthly, electronic-only periodical for Solaris, SPARC, and Java users. A full-service magazine, SunWorld Online contains news, features, columns, and sunWHERE, a directory of 370 useful links.

Crossroads: The ACM Student Magazine
Q1: What is Crossroads? 

A1: "Crossroads: The ACM Student Magazine" is a student produced
publication for student members of ACM, the First Society in Computing. 
Of course, Crossroads articles are also of interest to a much broader

Some information about the internet:

history, future, current issues, etc

Internet traffic patterns

Links to sites reporting on internet growth

Internet and interconnect and exchange points in the US

Computer Viruses, Rumors and Bugs:

Computer Virus myths page
Symantec's Virus hoax site

Computer Virus Myths home page

About virus warning

AOL Rumor control page

Netscape bugs

Computer fun stuff:

easter eggs sites

Internet phones

Has Mac, Linux, Windows versions, comprehensive software includes IM chat room, etc
intra-user calls are free, can call elsewhere for low rates
rates page causes IE to hang

Mac and Linux version coming soon
intra-user calls are free, people w/ regular phones can call you
must use phone annually to keep service

Call from anywhere to certain countries for specific rates
works w/ Mac&PC, low system requirements
Doesn't appear to have a pccall to pccall option
credit expires after 120 days of non-use, though you wan write them and get the credit reinstated

Similar to pccall but no Mac software

Windows Only internet calling software

Uses a high speed internet connection and a phone adapter, appears to bypass the computer completely!

These are mostly calling plans for which minutes have to be purchased in advance and on a monthly basis
Option to purchase equipment to make the phone work

Appears to be targeted to internet service companies


Postcards using web pages:

Wide variety of free internet postcards

Send an old fasioned postal letter by internet... Type the letter online, and this site will print and mail it to you

Send greeting cards for Rock Climbers

Environment and Recycling:
Religious environmental groups (not necessarily Christian):
List of religious environmental sites

PEQ, Inc. (Partners for Environmental Quality)
901 Route 10
Whippany, NJ 07981-1156
(973)884-4800 ext 177

Environmental issues:

Environmental organization web directory

Environmental resource page

Energy sites:
Hey Bill: Thought you would like to check out Electron Power  Systems, Inc. What a technology!! Home generation at . 0005 cents per kilowatt  HR.  
Erich J.  Knight Shenandoah Gardens 1047 Dave Berry Rd. McGaheysville, VA, 22840 [540]  289-9750

This site sells units that protect against surges/spikes etc and also reduces energy costs for an entire home

Lumeloid/Phototherm (Alvin Marks) (web site appears to be stagnant, no response from e-mail contact)

Steam Engines

"Green" energy

alternative energy sources

alternative energy discussion

Alternative energy generators.

Global warming sites

Says the earth isn't warming


Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economics

Environmental Defense Fund project to track what pollutants are being released
into any community, and by whom. Enter your ZIP code, or
click on their maps, to see who is doing what to your air,
water and soil.

Recycling old computers and electronic equipment:

Full recyclers (recycles all components, sells usable equipment:

Charges for TV's and Monitors
Drop-offs Wednesdays only
Doesn't purchase anything despite their web site indicating they might
Located in Bridgewater, NJ

Back Thru the Future Microcomputers site for recycling old PCs

Electronic equipment recycling
Envirocycle, Inc.
Rt. 81 Exit 68
PO Box 899
Hallstead, PA 18822-0899
Tel: 570/879-2862 or 1-800-711-6010
Fax: 570/879-2008

Directories of recyclers:

Electronic Industries Alliance
clickable map for electronics recycling centers

National Recycling Coalition
lists electronics recycling centers

This site links to several businesses that process old electronic equipment for recycling their fundamental parts

The above site found this page

Equipping the Saints
1254 Keezletown Road, Weyers Cave, VA 24486  •  Phone (540) 234-6222  •  Fax (540) 234-6262
Office Hours: M-F 9-5 E.S.T.  •  •  Email:
Want to come by? Please call or email us to schedule a visit to ETS.
Used computer equipment in working condition compatible with IBM 486 and above is always useful.
I-81 South to Exit 235
Between I-66 (north) and I-64 (south)
Go one mile East to the traffic light. Turn left and go 3/10 of a mile. The office is on the left-hand side.

Ideas for using old computers

San Hose, CA

PEP National Directory of Computer Recycling Programs
PEP: Resources for Parents, Educators & Publishers A State, National and International Directory of agencies that facilitate donations of used computer hardware for schools and ...
Date: 24 Jul 1998

Computer Reclamation Inc.  
912 Thayer Avenue, Suite 2
Silver Spring, Maryland  20910
Bill Lloyd, President 
Michael Wiggins (301) 495-0280 
Donates computers and other related equipment to non profit organizations 
in the metro Washington D.C. area, but other organizations can apply if they 
can arrange transportation. A $25 donation per computer is requested.

M.U.S.I.C. Computer Recycling Center
205 W. 30th Street, Room 31 Lorain, Ohio 44055 Phone:(440)244-5604 Fax:(440)244-5606 Submit Info Recycle ...
Relevance: 100%  Date: 6 Dec 1997,  Size 27.2K, 
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A place in Florida, takes working or non-working computers

Computer Recycling Research by Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Initiative. Includes paper Disposition and End-of-Life Options for Personal Computers 

Environmental company with high tech solutions for the environment, we specialize in the Sick Building Syndrome Ashmor MicroComputer Recyclers

Recycled Computers

Computer Recycling Project, Incorporated
Welcome to the Computer Recycling Project. The Computer Recycling Project, Incorporated, was established as a California nonprofit corporation to ...

Computer donation database, post/search computer needs, post/search offers donations

TechSoup directory of organizations that take old computers

Another computer donation database

Computer Recycling Center
Cyert Hall, Room B25
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Contact: Marc Bartholomew, Coordinator
(412) 268-8609 Fax:(412) 268-8192
Donates computers to non profit organizations and schools with a priority to 
those involved in job training and tutoring.  A $50 donation is required.

Lazarus Foundation, Inc.
A computer recycling center.  We accept donated computers which 
we, in turn, refurbish.  These computers are then donated to individuals, 
schools, and other non-profit organizations.

   East Coast
   The Lazarus Foundation
   10378 Eclipse Way
   Columbia, MD 21044

   Donald Bard, President
   email address: 
   (410) 740-0735

See Lazarus Foundation for a little more information
We are a 501c3 organization with headquarters in Columbia MD. We recycle computers from the private industry back into the non-profit and educational markets. Our goal is to establish computer recycling standards by networking and supporting all computer recycling efforts anywhere. 

Computer ReCycling OmniSoft
OmniSoft's Computer Recycle Center,Dedicated to to reducing damage to the environment by reutilizing otherwise throw-away technology and providing computers at low cost or free to the less fortunate TODAY for a ...

The Phoenix Project
8623 Spruce Run Court
Ellicot City, MD 21043
(410) 750-2435
Art Silvergate 
The project was started in response to a need to be able to repair old 
computers donated to the National Cristina Foundation,  We receive old computers 
from private and business sources and recycle them.  In 1992 
the project was awarded a grant from the Microsoft Corp Ziff-Davis and 
the APCUG. We have donated to schools and Non-profits We also work with 
the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to provide computers to 
schools throughout the state of Maryland and surrounding states. 

Miscellaneous, Other, and Not sorted sites:
Customized stickers:
For Jesus fish eating Darwin fish bumper sticker

Oval stickers

Wall clock whose parts follow the mouse around the screen.  Displays real time.

Info about daylight savings time

Current time around the world


Scripts of Advertisements in publications 1911 to 1955

Modern Legends, Myths, and Hoaxes:
Some people will believe anything, and this site is proof.  All your favorite urban legends debunked.

Michael Fumento's website features his articles and essays that debunk many of the scientific and health-related claims that go largely unchallenged and routinely promoted by our mainstream media. Visit his site at:

Radio Stations:

Listen to 100's of Radio stations around the world LIVE, or watch dozens of TV stations, all on the internet, all LIVE... don't miss NASA-TV!

E-mail mailing lists:

E-Mailing Lists, sign up or create your own

Christian e-mail lists

Internet marketing through targeted e-mail


Internet Scout NEw-List

Publicly accessable Mailing Lists

Vivian Neou's List of Lists

WWW Virtual Library Electronic Journals List

Try also (and variants if this doesn't work

Summer Camps:
Adirondack Camp

American Camping Association, excellent search tool for Camps

Travel and maps:
Find out real time information for busses/trolleys, etc for selected transit agencies

Motley Fool 5 tips for foolish trips

Airfare watch site

Database of Bed and Breakfast Inns - plan your next weekend trip

Search for the cheapest airfares to anywhere in the world.  --fee based service

Cheap Bus Tickets, NYC to Washington DC

Plan your next vacation from this list of funny or unusual roadside attractions.

GPS WGS84 waypoints

Will give a Lat/Long coordinate for an address, need to choose the option from the pop-up menu

GIS and Mapping Software

Lots of software for GPS and GIS mapping, geared for Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X

Distance calculator, between coordinates and between pairs of a list of over 300 cities

Geographic Positioning game, find caches, like finding hidden treasures

Other sites that track things "in the wild"
tracks books
tracks paper money
tracks disposable cameras

Tracks digital pictures by location and subject category

Confluence project, gathering pictures of locations at the intersections of integer degrees of latitude and longitude

Benchmark Hunting

Travel in Mexico:
Rail travel in Mexico

sites that make maps --only site that appears to make maps of Mexico need to click on "Maps" to get there

Topozone appears to work only in the USA

This goes to Delorme's web site, they like to sell stuff

US Geological survey maps

General Travel web sites

US Water Polo


Amazing instant stats in any sport, any player.

The best Overnite line in the country as seen in the Biggest Newspaper in Nevada. for FREE!
College and NFL stats for FREE!

New Jersey stuff:

City of Summit

Video Cam Picture of the Ocean

News sites (non-conservative):

News Page

Middle Eastern tip sheet

USA Today

For an objective side to the news check out this site

Old Country Buffet, includes locator guide

Rain Forest Cafe

If you're looking for a new restaurant, a place to order takeout, or a function 
space or caterer for a special event, you should check out  

Our site contains over 3500 restaurants from Worcester to Provincetown, all 
accessed through a powerful and flexible search engine that lets you find exactly
the place you're looking for.  Once you're there, you can see reviews from other 
users, menus, and information regarding events and other services
Some of our sections include
Restaurant Search:  Search for restaurants by name, location, cuisine or over 15 
different amenities singly or in combination.

RestaurantsOnLine:    Web sites from favorite Boston area restaurants.  You can 
check out the view from the Top of The Hub (, 
recipies from The East Coast Grill's Chris Schlesinger's cookbooks
(, or function space at The Hartwell house 

CateringOnLine:   Dozens of area caterers serving corporate, social and family 
events.  Participants include Creative Gourmet Caterers, Rebecca's Cafi Caterers, 
and Harvard Square's Bombay Club Restaurant.

FunctionsOnLine   Restaurants, Hotels, Country Clubs and specialized function 
sites for family or corporate events.  A few clients:  The Charles Hotel, Locke-Ober 
Cafi, and The John Hancock Observatory.

While you're at the site, take a moment to post a review about your favorite 
restaurant, or a memorable dining experience.


The Editors at


Lemon Grass, Taiwanese restaurant in NYC on University and 10th or
12th.  It's near NYU and Washington Park.  If you are on the North-East
corner of Washington park you walk North and it's on a corner on the West
side of the street.

Geneaology sites:
Contains a long list of links to other Geneaology sites.

Discover Your Family History 
Come visit our website at,
(if you have problems with the above link, please try

US Geneaology

Geneaology Software
Gene (The best Geneaology shareware software I've found for the Mac, and it is good)

People connections:
Taylor University unofficial list of alumni

Silver Bay Association list of Summer Emps

Six Degrees
sixdegrees is a site that's based on the theory that everyone on earth is connected to everyone else through a path of six people or less. We hope to use the power of the Internet to revolutionize the way people network.

American School Directory

American Alumni Directory

Search for fellow graduates

Search for class mate buddies

Online People directory

Look up phone numbers

Telephone Directory On AOL
Keyword telephone

Worldnet Daily's "whitepages"

for lots of info and finding an online telephone directory

Pay Phones

Yellow Pages

Religious information (Not specifically Christian, possibly anti-religious):

Did you know that EVERY question EVER published in Ask The Rabbi is
available on-line in an index for easy look-up?

Encyclopedia on Biblical Errancy

A site about world hunger and starvation, allows you to donate food for free, just by clicking on a button.  Sponsors agree to make the donation for you.

Home Schooling:
Home School Legal Defense League, includes helpful info for Home Schoolers

Source for Home School information?

Leadership program for Home School Students

Homeschooled-Kids Online, resources for education, holiday celebrations, online Bible study for kids. Also a message board, contests, community with other
homeschoolers, monthly newsletter, (fee)

Auctions for Home School material

(also search for "Home School" in "Christianweb.html

Other schooling learning pages:

This page has a warning on it.  Apparently someone in Hong Kong bought very similiar names and is not using the page for educational purposes.  Just don't type in the wrong letters and get the "other" web page.

The next web pages I haven't used myself, but they are probably OK, too.

Sources of inspirational material:
Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Logical" physical and mental health/alterantive medicine:

Gary Null

Curing Cancer by eating seeds. (Actually the Vitamin B17 found in seeds)
This site appears to be the same thing
Personal web page that points to the above web page

Another site on Cancer
Date: 	Thursday, August 6, 1998 9:15:37 PM
Subj: 	 The answer to cancer has been known


The "cure" "answer" "prevention" for cancer has been the below link

In the future we will be revealing our discoveries of other answers to ailments that plague us.
you may e-mail or with either remove or subscribe in the subject heading.

Healing using pressurized Oxygen

Astronomy web page

Astronomy picture of the day

Astronomy (FTP site)

NASA's Classroom

Download cool photos direct from the Hubble Space Telescope!

Track any satelite


Free real-time stock market quotes (NO 15-minute delay)

Silicon Investor - great discussion of high-tech stocks

Schwab (Broker firm)

Free Morgage software and other financial software and books.

Currency Exchange Rates:
World Currencies, nice exchange for current rate, enter any amount, any combination of world currency

Mexican Peso Exchange rate

Includes Charts with past and future rates, click on historical data / exchange rates/north&south america/Mexican Peso

Mexican peso exchange rate listed directly here, no searching or entering numbers

Regional Sites:

This is for East Central Illinois

Links to sites pertaining to cities.

E-mail me for my collection of Year 2000 sites

Help for kids and families:
Site for supporting divorced dads who want to be involved with their children

site for Mentoring kids

Youth Sports Site Providing Helpful information for Coaches, Parents and Children
My name is Edward Palmer and I look forward to hearing from you after you have visited the site. Reach me easily by e-mailing 

Stand for Children
NOTE: I'm a little disappointed with this site.  They have one small section on things that directly benefit Children that could grow tremendously if they put  a little effort into it, and the rest seems to be dedicated to Administration, Influencing Government and Business, the organization's history and various chapters, and other things.  (These things aren't bad, and are useful, but the fact that the section on directly helping children is so small is disappointing.)

Effort to keep our kids away from the negative influences of society

Business Week article on balancing Work and Family

Operation Child Safe - searching for lost, missing or abducted kids

Educational site

Encyclopedia type sites:

This is perhaps the best online free encyclopedia of all the links I have here

Encyclopedia like site, searches web for answers, not just anything and everything

This site doesn't seem to want to load as of 12/2002

Research-It, amazing all-in-one information source.

Ask anything?

Internet Reference desk - find out anything about anything!

Web page for LeRoy Kroll's classes. LrKroll@TAYLORU.EDU

Chemistry Index web page


US History:
Underground Railroad historical preservation organization

Sites I've looked up but haven't cataloged yet:

Red Cross

having a barbeque tonight?  Better check out Mad Cow first

Auction sites

Threat to make scanner use illegal
Haven't signed this yet.

Offers Psychotherapy, and some interesting essays on ADD and Riddalin.  His site talks very little about religion's role, but reading some essays of his, he is anti religious

PBS station in Upstate NY

Climbing site

Phone Company, possible job opportunities.

Other sites:

CompuBank, the first virtual national bank, is actively seeking
affiliate partners. CompuBank pays a $20 finders fee per depositor.
Go to to learn how you can open
up an Internet Bank Portal on your site. 

Thank you,
Affiliate Manager

Detailed Satellite photos of any spot on the globe... find your backyard!

Satellite pictures of the US.
The Black Vault - self-proclaimed "one of the largest databases of United States government documents pertaining to the UFO phenomenon."
Home of the "Eternal Life Device" - make one yourself from the plans on this site, or just read about his teleportation device.  It's so simple!
Cool site with free biorhythm readings by e-mail. Know when you'll be VULNERABLE or STRONG.
Snoop for the dirt on your enemies, neighbors, boss, etc... a clandestine Mega-Center.
Atlas of the world - complete, from military sourcecs.
Test-drive the new Beetle car in virtual reality!

Clip art
Fly a real Russian MiG fighter at 75,000 feet at Mach 3!
Crop Circles explained!  These guys make 'em, you can see 'em.
Center for Chihuahua Exploitation. Don't miss the NASA photos of Chihuahuas approaching 500 mph in top-secret wind-tunnel experiments.
Secretly spy on anyone over the internet!
This "periscope" peers at UFOs, Bigfoot, Shroud of Turin and the like.  The truth is out there!
Art cars! Decorate your auto for fun or profit!

Already looked at, but kinda neat:

If you don't mind running a browser within a browser the Alexa plugin
provides some interesting information on each site you visit.

NetSonic Internet Accelerator or
Enter 750 at

sites not yet looked up:
Think you know yourself? Take these Psych-tests to reveal the true you!
Wear your computer on your body! Speak to it, no more typing. View the screen thru an eyepiece. Surf the web while shopping, driving, etc.
Tips, Secrets, Behind-the-scene tricks on A.O.L. aol, or America Online
Free car research info - find out what the DEALER pays and get the best deal on a new car!
Yes, Virginia, there is a Banana Museum. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you.
FREE Bottle of strong FAT Reducing FiberLean
Get your Photos scanned for sending to others via email.
Abandoned Missile Base Silo Tour - your chance to explore the cavernous depths of these wasted remnants of the Cold War, through the miracle of Virtual Reality.
The Gravity Society has a pending patent on anti-gravity technology, and this site has a handful of scientific papers regarding experiments and findings.
"Scientific Frontiers" - hundreds of online articles on strange natural (and unnatural) phenomena.

The Fortean Times is the "Newsweek" of strange science.

NASA science page

Articles on Science
Don't know exactly how to put these mean, ugly thoughts into writing? Try this automatic complaint letter generator.
Home of the "Eternal Life Device" - make one yourself from the plans on this site, or just read about his teleportation device.  It's so simple!
Bus Plunge news site. Not for those with fear of falling.

Listen to live Police Scanner and Fire reports.

Police Scanner stuff
You'll (probably) never lose your contacts again, if you get them from this place. Especially if you ordered the mirrored or striped ones.
If guys with big, fat beer guts are your special fantasy, than you'll love this site.

Ken Starr's report to Congress complete in a PDF file (searchable, printable, etc.).

Go to
Visit the site right now and you can begin to see picture after picture of the best homes for sale and receive a free qualification for the homes you're viewing today.

Site for person who was at SBA as instructor for International Paper's conference.  They use Macs.

Conference Centers

Woodloch Pines resort


Compare servers for speed

Internet marketing organization (Gave presentation at Silver Bay)

Network through outlets...

Crown Point telephone co.

Web page from Intrudr911

Eric wood's web page dev. service
Thanks... a url you can use for now is, that is a
consulting service I have set up with two other guys.  I would actually not
be doing development under that umbrella unless the business comes from
them, but the pricing structure would be the same.  I have not yet set up my
own site for this.

"Sane" discussion groups

Non-Profit Computer/technology tips

New American Dream site, focuses on Consumption, not sure if they are Socialistic or not.

Lists and explanations of various e-mail and other hoaxes

Stamp buying and selling company

Subway Stamp Co.  based in NYC and one of the larger stamp companies.

Windows 95 help and tip site

Escape from lusts of physical things

Web page for startup "garage" companies

Moody Blues

Web pages for Non Profits

American Trucking Association

Professional web based bookstore

Sign Language

Oil Change Sites:
Lubexpress, has a printable cupon on the web page


Johnson's Orchards
2122 Sheep Creek Road
Rt. 680 Peaks of Otter
Bedford, VA 24523

Christmas tree farms in NY state

On the job safety/hazards

United States Postal Service

Airborne Express

Diving in Lake Champlain for wrecks

credit cards:

Create your own bumper stickers, very flexible
Make signs also


Music directories:

Maple Syrup production:

Hobby Maple Syrup Production, F-36-02

Maple Syrup Production

... and trees, you can begin going through the indentification process. NOTE: As leaves and fruits age and ... tree makes its own kind of leaf. A Sugar Maple tree always makes Sugar Maple leaves, and a Pin ...

Rubics Cube solution

Discovery Toys, developmental toys

Miniature railroad and tiny tableaux of mid-20th century, mid-America life, built by the late Laurence T. Gieringer.

Free Masons

bulletin board interpersonal relationships linking friends with friends friends

Nice and free tools for web site development.

look under "Articles" and "Are they coming to  your town?" for info on broods and years they emerge

Silver Bay Associaton's "Dr. Woozle"

Digital Camera info

Host pictures on the web, allows you to provide a link to the pic

This is great info if you want to know what pollutants are in your area and who's allowed to do it...

Christian dating web sites

Highway Traffic reports
Nationwide link to state DOT traffic reports

Washington DC

Maryland area
Highway speed data in Maryland
Highways in Virginia

Centaur Exhibit at Jack Reece Galleria at University of Tennessee in Knoxville

Educational math challenges

Health Issues:

Some of my friends

All Natural Honey, includes all the stuff from the hive, unstrained!

Assessing risk for people traveling or doing business in certain locations.

Publish books on Amazon