Christian Resources and search engines:

Gospel Communications Network, links to over 60 other Christian organization's web sites, including Children's Bible Hour, Louis Palau Evangelistic Association.
search engine, uses Excite

Best of the Christian Web
Search engine, looks like it uses the "Go" engine

Numerous Christian Resources, part of the above page

Does not appear to have a search engine

These two are affiliated with each other but contain different information
Also affiliated with CrossDaily

Christian web resources, does not appear to have a search engine

Christian Interactive Network
Does not appear to be a search engine

Another christian resources page, not search engine

Christian chat room and other resources

Cross Search

Christians Unite, web directory

Other Christian resource sites, with search engines

Christian Web directory

Christian Web search engines and directories:

Doesn't appear to have a place to submit URLs

Site wouldn't load as of Feb 3, 2000

Christian Internet Directory

Another Christian Internet Directory

Global Christian Network search page

Crosswalk Web directory/search engine


Mostly music, doesn't appear to have a search engine or a place to submit web addresses

Christian Resources
Search engine and directory for business/classifieds exchnage

Christian directory/search engine

Christian directory/search engine

Christian Directory/search engine, feedback form, not URL submission form

Christian Computer User Network search engine/web directory

In The Beginning, Christian web directory

World Wide Christian Web

Phil Johnson's Christian bookmarks

A christian web resource, not a search engine

A Christian web directory. You can add a link but it's not a search engine

Christian web resources with link to Megalinks site

Christian Interlink

His Family Online

NetSpotz, a search engine dedicated to Christian principles

The Osiem SPiritual REsource Index

Christian Cyberspace Companion
Christian web directory, no longer being updated

Insititute for Christian Leadership search page

Listing of Christian Organizations with search engine and directory

Alpha & Omega

777.Net search engine and web directory

Christian Online Community

Christian Online Resource Index
Seems mostly dedicated to Music resources

Christian Life
Web Directory/Search engine

Christian Cyberspace
Search engine and directory
(These 2 are related)

Web directory, does not appear to have a search engine

The Best Christian Links search engine/directory

Christian "megasite" resource page

Christianity Online web directory and search engine

Christ Pages web directory and search engine

His Will web directory and search engine

Christ Sites web directory and search engine

Faith Seekers
Web directory and search engine, but more to Christian resources, not businesses and other general stuff

Christian Life Menu Page web directory and search engine

Fish Net search engine, does not appear to be a directory

Christian Search Engine

Search engine help, does not appear to have a place for submissions

Lists of Christian Search engines
List of Christian search engines and resources
5 or 6 Christian search engines listed at bottom of this page
More Christian Search engines and directories. Not all on this page is a general search engine or directory
Christian Indexes and Guides at the bottom of this page
Christian web directories
More Christian web directories and search engines

Listing of Christian 

Under construction as of November 1999, to Inform the Christian Community of Items Like: Community events, Church News, Religious Musical, Plays, Concerts, Online Religious Videos

List of Christian search engines with a search box for each one

Sites dedicated to specific Christian topics:

Bible/Christian topics study:
Dr. JP Dawson, mostly biblical or theological topics
This site is related to jpdawson

Free Bible study software

"Online Judeo-Christian Texts in Paraphrase with Commentary-
Highlighting standards of humane attitudes, values, commitments-
Arranged for group reading and meaningful discussions!"

Day of Discovery

Our Daily Bread

Discovery Series

Journal of Biblical Accuracy

Interactive Bible, seems quite good, categorizing by a variety of practical topics

Bible Studies on the net?

Brownsville site, Testimonies and Sermons via Real Audio.

The entire King James Bible

Christian News:

Christian perspective on the news

World magazine, a Christian conservative magazine

A Christian impact on Hollywood and the media in general

Supports traditional family values and periodically reviews selected news items
that are either ignored or underreported by the general media.

Sports Spectrum

Life/Family Issues:

Family Life Today web site

Jonathan Lindvall

Family Life ministries with Jack Hager

Contains some interesting and very helpful material for parents, among many other good things.

Focus on the Family, Dr. Dobson

Promise Keepers website

Some chilling thoughts on the Promise Keepers movement

Cafe Reality featuring several evangelistic, discipleship and leadership resources (for youth?)

Youth and Kids stuff:

Camp Blaise, for home schooled kids?
Not actually a camp, I think, but the leaders come and do "camp" with families locally.

Bible Based Home School Information (BBHI)

KIDSRANCH, Fun Christian site for Kids, including games

PDYM and Doug Fields stuff
Purpose Driven christian ministry
Youth ministry ideas
more from doug fields.

Games resources

Skits resources


Hope for teens, help with issues teenagers face

Christian site for teens dealing with teenage issues, by Dawson McAllaster

Sloppy Noodle

Site for Christian teens with Christian resources

Youth Specialties (national seminar for Youth Ministry and other resources)

Youth Specialties Roaring Lambs (more resources for young students
Roaring Lambs

Ministry Model for Youth

Ministry Manual for Children

Teens and Dating:
Joshua Harris, I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Abstenance/true safe sex
generates a single directory listing, not sure why it doesn't work

The Chastity game

True Love Waits: Chastity till marriage

Christian Music:
Creation music festival

Christian praise song lyrics and guitar chords

The best in contemporary praise and worship - Praise Band, Maranatha! Singers, Promise Keepers, Alternative Praise, Kid's Praise, Colours, & Worship Leader Workshop training --doesn't seem to work

Christian hymns

Seventh Day Adventist Digital Hymnal

Christian Rock music for youth

Christian bass guitar maker, made to order! (but not anymore)

Educational sites:
Taylor University

Taylor University's Distance Learning Center on the web

The Great Commission School, seems solidly Christian

Anderson Seminary

Christian influence for Educators

Academic study of the Bible in public schools.

Devotional study of the Bible during the public school day off campus.


Lists all the Calvary Chapels around the country, and the world. 
You can also SEE Calvary Chapel Phila. and HEAR "You alone are my heart's desire" A real inspiration coming out of the computer.

Official Christian Missionary Alliance church site


Calvary Chapel Philadelphia

Hague Wesleyan Church, locally controlled page
Page hosted by the district

Brant Lake Wesleyan church

Wesleyan New England District site:

Wesleyan Denomination site:

Covenant Presbyterian Church of Millburn & Short Hills
Address not on my big list

New Providence Presbyterian Church, actually Presbyterian Church at New Providence

Calvary Chapel of the Adirondacks, just off Ex. 16 in Wilton

Churches in and around Washington DC
Church of the Apostles

McLean Bible Church

Fourth Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, Maryland

Falls Church Episcopal, Falls Church, VA

Nashville area church in Tennessee

Harvest Life Church
Crestview, Florida
Gerry Boonez

Web page for the church where Steve Clark is a pastor
Steve (and Ann) Clark
Greenwood Presbyterian Church

Times Square Church

For home-family based churches

House Church conference

Personal Christian pages:


Interested in a wide range of things, including computers and Legos

Christian jobs offerings:

Another Christian Jobs listing site

Career Choices, job offerings not listed

Christian jobs, click on Employment, focus on Middle Tennessee

Some of the christian resources web pages link to job listings either directly or by searching for 'jobs' in their search box

The Association of Christian Astronomers encourages the development of local associations where Christians interested in astronomy can meet and socialize, engage in evangelism activities and promote both the gospel and an interest in the created heavens. View an astrophotography gallery, find links and resources and subscribe to a newsletter. Kids will enjoy Junior Galactic Explorer; Creation, a shockwave presentation; and family-friendly resources including's Online Astronomy Academy.


Youth Organizations:


Child Evangelism Fellowship

Teen Missions

Young Americans Foundation (not necessarily Christian)

Youth with a Mission

Youth for Christ

Conference on Youth Evangelism (DC '91, DC '94, etc.)

See You At The Pole
always the third Wednesday in September 7AM (suggested local time)

Compassion International

Covenant House

Other Ministries and organizations (evangelical and/or providiing for human needs):

Prison Fellowship Ministries

Samaritan's Purse, sends shoeboxes filled with toys to needy children around the world, sent along with the message of the Gospel

World Vision

Harvest International Mission

Pacific Garden Mission
Unshackled (Radio Drama program put on by PGM)

A christian organization dedicated to helping people in a commuity deal with grief and to prevent tradgeties.

Evangelistic sites:
A site with the Christian message of Salvation
(God's New World Order)
Contains some useful christian links, like listening to the Bible

Cartoon booklet Gospel tracts

The Call

EVANGELISM or E-VANGELISM? Evangelism in Chat rooms.

Christian Radio:

Family Radio

American Family Radio News Network
Fred Jackson, Director

Christian radio in Glens Falls/Albany area

Christian radio station

Christian Radio

Trans World Radio

Christian Apologetics:

Evidence of God from Science

Ravi Zacharias, To reach and challenge those who shape the ideas of a culture with the credibility of the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST

Reasons to Believe

Presupposing a personal-infinite God

Listing of Apologetics web pages
Christian Apologetics For Jews

Listing of Messianic old testament prophecies, with interesting links
There is a graphic image that should be used to link to this page, if I use this page for a primary link, use that image

Countering Biblical Contradictions
A huge and well organized discussion of about 150 apparent
Biblical contradictions explained in detail. Collected
from posts on soc.religion.christian

Anti-Christian sites:
Pro Judiasm site, (pro Jewish site)

6 day Biblical Creationism vs Evolution:

Insititute for Creation Research

Ken Ham's ministry

Alpha Omega Institute

Dr. Ken Hovind

Evidences against Evolution

Nice summary of the problems of Evolution

Origins, Creation, etc,

Creation and Solar System astronomy

Other sites on Creationism

8 to 11 foot human skeletons
Don't know where they are on the web

"The Creation Concept"

Gap Theory Creationism

An April Fool joke on creationists... I find it interesting that evolutionists have to play tricks like this... Makes you wonder how many fake fossils they're using to support their views but aren't telling anyone that they're fake. This site also complains that the laws of thermodynamics provide weak evidence for creation. Huh? Weak evidence? I think not.

Government and Christianity:

Dateline Heaven
provides an e-mail based resource of Christian commentary on current events

Steve Myers' various ministries

Steve Myers' ministry, the American Renewal Foundation

List of radio stations hosting Steve's radio shows

A christian site, includes good fact sheets on America's Christian Heritage and Creation/Evolution
Reclaim America is part of Coral Ridge Ministries

Tours highlighting America's Christian Legacy

Christian Coalition, giving Christians a voice in Government

Another site for getting Christians involved in Conservative politics

Summit Ministries, a Christian apologetics instute, dealing with many political and world view issues, excellent resources for the Conservative Christian, essentially the Christian counterpart to the Ayn Rand Instute

Traditional Values Coalition
Christian based organization supporting traditional Christian values

Chuck Baldwin

Wall Builders, Christian patriotic site

Prayer and Bible reading in the public schools

Other Useful Christian sites, not organized:

Biblical Yellow Pages, like a catalog for the Bible

Apocrypha books

"Truth apart from relationships leads to rebellion"
Josh McDowell's ministry to give our kids convictions, unfortunately, I didn't find much about building relationships

Delta Lake Bible Conference Center -- Direct e-mail to Registrar/Computer person (Heather)

Brook Woods, Deer Run camp

Campus Journal

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
National Coordinator: Steve Haas
P.O. Box WEF, Wheaton, IL 60189-8003

INFO: 800-LETS-PRAY (1-800-538-7772)
OFFICES: 630-668-1754
FAX: 630-668-0498

National Day of Prayer site

Variety of Christian Foreign Language Materials


Elizabeth Elliot's Gateway to Joy program

Hell's Best Kept Secret

Archeological site focusing on Noah's ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, Red Sea Crossing, and mount Siani.

Sight and Sound's web page (they do the Noah's Ark show)
(717) 687-7800 --

A Christian online store

Requires Shockwave, but depicts Christ's crucifixion

Rachel Scott, killed in Littleton massacre, April 20, 1999

Other Littleton/Colombine web sites

A Christian community in Willis, Virginia

Christian Agrarian community conference and web site

Learn about the Christian faith via the Alpha program

Linking Criminals with victims in a positive way

Tribulation Force, sounds like similar to the Tribulation Force in the Left Behind novel

Compares the teachings of the Koran with the Bible on each basic tenet of Christianity

How Islam relates to Christianity

Online and computer based Christian resources:

Christian Research Institute

Free 24 lesson multimedia Bible Prophecy Course

Real life and what's beyond

Christian e-mail lists

Christian clip art and pictures

FREE web based email account!

Free Christian Software Directory

Free Bible software
This one leads to this one...
This one leads to this one...

American Center for Law and Justice (Christian lawyers defending religious freedoms)

Christian resources, books, magazines, stuff you can buy

Supporting the traditional Catholic latin mass

Marriage encounter (Mennonite and Bretheren)

Baltimore Marriage Encounter

Walk to Emmaus

ECFA - Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

NAE - National Association of Evangelicals

PCCNA - Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America

Business Men's fellowship

Huge collection of Free seromons categorized by topic

this site provides electronic accountability (tracks websites visited, time online, etc).

Christian web hosts and designers organization

Bible verses on weddings

Thoughts on Denominationalism