To all the Crazy ones out there...

My senior year of College was perhaps the best year of my life up to that point. It was during that year that I lived with some of the coolest people I have ever known. As a group, we had fun together, and we were very encouraging of one another. And for reasons I'm still not sure of, this group gave me the nickname "Crazy." And it was a very positive thing. During the spring of that year, this group literally kidnapped me from the computer lab so we could all go bowling together. That was perhaps the coolest single event that ever happened in my life! There were a lot of other fun things we did, and at the end of the year, I looked back on those things with a strong sense of nostalgia. While thinking about this, I realized that after being at College on the same floor in the same dorm for 5 years, I was the only one left of this group out of all those who were there my first year. There were so many cool things that had happened in that time that it made sense to write up a cronology of the events that can now only be told through second hand experience.

Since graduating college, I have learned that the name "Crazy" has been passed on. I was clearly the first, and I seemed to set some kind of precedent. I do not fully understand what it was that made these guys feel that the tradition had to continue, but I am honored and thankful not only for the fun we had with the name when I was there but also for continuing the tradition. So, to all the "Crazys" out there, this is in honor of you. Also, this page is dedicated to all the people who made the Crazy thing happen in the first place.

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