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I have been placing cards from the game Candyland into various geocaches scattered about the country. Most cards have been placed in caches in northern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Virginia, eastern Tennessee, and northern Florida. All cards are heading to the Adirondack region of New York state. If a card is already in the Adirondack region, please move it to another cache also in the Adirondack region. Someday, while geocaching in the Adirondacks, I hope to find one of my cards. When I retrieve a card, I will take it out of circulation. You can track the progress of cards on this site. Depending on how long this takes, there may be a reward for the first card I retrieve. Some cards are from the game I Spy, since I ran out of Candyland cards.

These maps show some of the major roads in the area depicted, particularly roads I have travelled on. Roads are in red, black lines are railroads.

This map shows Dayton, Tennessee on the left center, Chattanooga in the bottom left, and the travels of 3 of my cards, two of which went to the same cache, and two which went backwards! Future maps will only show cards that have made it to the Adirondacks.

This map shows two cards that have arrived in the Adirondacks. Both cards are red, but shown in blue so they stand out. Lake Ontario is the blue oval shape on the upper left, longer red lines are interstates including 81, 88, 87, 78, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

This map shows the movement of most cards as of January 2005 that have moved anywhere in the US. Some cards have gone in the wrong direction! Note that there are two lines coming out of virginia one going north (red) and one going south (purple). Cards started in Tennessee, New Jersey, and Virginia.

These maps were made with my map program, Waypoint based Map Maker.

Here are some of the cards that have been reported. Only cards that arrive in the Adirondacks will have a complete listing. Many more cards have been placed and moved than are listed here.

Card #112 Blue placed in GC1134 40.66192 -74.40093, Reservation Two - Look Out! on 2/14/2004
Card #113 Orange placed in GCA11E 40.66165 -74.40140 Steeps Over Greenbrook on 2/14/2004
Card #114 Yellow placed in GCG5PV 40.74318 -74.42382 Castle Park Kids Cache on 2/14/2004 Picked Up by unknown person at an unknown time, possibly placed in another cache before eventually being placed in GCHQRG 41.22453 -74.141983 Shelters of Harriman: Tom Jones on an unknown date
Picked up on May 16, 2004 and placed in a cache in Letchworth State Park 42.57877 -78.04945 on an unknown date
Picked up on July 28 or 29, 2005 and placed in GC217F 43.74325 -74.90545 Bald Mountain Cache on 8/6/2005

Card #115 Green placed in GC2C9A 42.57940 -73.74842 Papscanee on 2/25/2004
Card #116 Red placed in GCHD0Z 38.29763 -77.51212 Central Park Cachette on 3/14/2004
picked up and Placed in GCE152 Adirondack Traveler, which moves around on 6/7/04

Card #117 Double purple placed in GCGP5N 38.31917 -77.55672 Turkey Ridge Treasure on 3/14/2004
Picked up on Nov 26, 2004 and placed in GCHGJB 36.72526 -76.24973 Locks Point Cache on 1/6/05
Picked up between 1/6/05 and 1/8/05 and placed in GCM7E8 at APPROXIMATELY 36.93 -76.1 Just a Piece of the Puzzle #14 on 1/29/05

Card #118 Pink placed in GCGP5H 38.31597 -77.55365 Hidden Creek Hide-a-way on 3/14/2004
Card #119 Pink, placed in GCHP1H 38.80117 -77.05950 Cat-Tail on 3/14/2004
Card #122 forgot color placed in GCGP5F 38.31663 -77.55047 Old Silo Surprise on 3/14/2004
Card #123 forgot color, placed in GCHTV3 38.58962 -77.24977 Resort's Last Resort on 3/14/2004
Cache this was in presumably disappeared

Card #124 Purple, placed in GCHTJ1 38.59317 -77.24837 Batteries Beneath the Batteries on 3/14/2004
Picked Up and placed in GCA4AA asylum lookout cache 4/9/2005 Picked up and placed in GCE152 43.98575 -75.88443 Adirondack Traveler, which moves around on 6/7/04
Picked up from GCW4Z6 Hogtown Heaven 43.49435 -73.58928 on 7/19/2006

Card #125 forgot color, placed in GC8085 38.80648 -77.11433 Ties to the Station on 3/14/2004
Card #126 forgot color, placed in GCHNDD 38.81350 -77.11602 Marx Park on 3/14/2004
Card #127 forgot color, placed in GC46FE 33.46947 -86.77767 Easy Cache on 4/3/2004
Card #128 blue, placed in GCHW7E 35.48750 -85.01303 Cherokee Trail Cache on 4/4/2004
Picked up on April 6, 2004 and Placed in GCJ815 35.78735 -84.24613 Lock Cache, April 19, 2004
Picked up on or about March 23, 2005

Card #129 purple, placed in GCH5TC 40.67983 -74.52890 Gorge Out II on 4/15/2004
Card #130 orange, placed in GC3AF6 33.96397 -84.51617 Jared's Treasure on 4/17/2004
This cache is reportedly destroyed

Card #131 green, placed in GCHCWF 35.53392 -84.90450 Memories of Campbell's Steed on 4/18/2004
Card #132 double red, placed in GCG9BB 35.59767 -84.45933 Quack Cache on 4/18/2004
Picked up on May 25, 2004 and Placed in GCHDT1 36.26227 -86.74690 Gift Shopping, July 6, 2004

Card #120 pink lollypop, placed in GCF8A2 35.59767 -84.45933 Olympic Pin Trading Cache on 4/18/2004
Card #133 yellow, placed in GC37BA 33.72747 -84.35242 Mostly Media (theme cache) on 4/24/2004
Card #134 blue, placed in GCHH7Q 37.23935 -80.22178 T.B. NEWS on I-81 on 5/7/2004
Card has been picked up on May 28, 2004

Card #135 purple, placed in GC6D1 42.35570 -73.59143 BPGEO on 5/21/2004
Picked up Dec 26, 2004

Card #136 orange, placed in GC1E96 36.71938 -80.32488 Spencer's Gold on 5/27/2004
Card #137 double green, placed in GCGYY7 35.03823 -85.14827 Overlook Cache on 5/31/2004
Picked up on 06/09/2004 and placed in GCH0AY 37.96267 -84.38717 HOTERU- THE HITCHIKER HAVEN on 06/28/2004

Card #121 pink heart, placed in GCHAQH 35.03750 -85.17390 FRUITS, GEO-NUTZ & BEARies on 5/31/2004
Picked up on 06/09/2004
Placed in GCJNFW 35.15485 -84.95168 Southeast Tennessee Travel Bug Hotel before 6/22/04
Picked up on 6/24/04 and placed in GCJKR3 35.04827 -85.04812 Southern Troll 6/25/04

Card #138 red, placed in GCJHZ8 35.49127 -85.01043 Monkeying Around Micro #13 - Visiting Monkey on 6/2/2004
May have moved into other caches before being
Placed in GCJZ03 35.27278 -85.13833 Abra in Cleveland, Tennessee, date unknown, coordinates may or may not be accurate
Picked up and placed in GCJTEG 45.67453 -92.60783 Between Two Lakes before 6/22/04

Card #150 yellow?, placed in GCJHZ3 35.47945 -85.02478 Monkeying Around Micro #10 -Guardian Monkey on 6/3/2004
Picked up on 6/5/04 and placed in GCJNFW 35.15485 -84.95168 Southeast Tennessee Travel Bug Hotel before 6/22/04
Picked up on 6/22/04

Card #139 yellow, placed in GCJHGY 35.45837 -85.04687 Monkeying Around Micro # 7 - Monkey Tree on 6/18/2004
Picked up on 7/5/04 and placed in GCJHH5 35.47473 -85.02827 Monkey Mayhem on 7/5/04
Picked up on 11/16/04 and placed in GCKRMP 35.73895 -83.448683 Great Smoky Mountain Travel Bug Campground on 1/22/05 Picked Up on or before 4/25/2005

Card #140 double blue, placed in GCHH7Q 37.23935 -80.22178 T.B. NEWS on I-81 on 6/25/2004

Card #158 red placed in GC2109 40.56798 -74.84348 Round Mountain on 9/1/2004
Picked up on 9/5/04 and placed in GC6E82 44.33105 -73.89762 Copperas Pond Cache on 9/26/04
Card may have moved on from this location

Card #141 purple placed in GC5FBB 40.77167 -74.42987 Walk Along The Wall on 8/7/2004
Picked up on 1/16/2005 and placed in GC211 Lisha Kill Cache on 2/11/2005
Picked up on 1/6/2007 by Monica of "Oakmonters".
Picked up from GCG74A 10/31/2009 and placed in GCNZ68 "Spirit In The Falls" on 11/01/2009
Picked up on 6/25/2011 from GCNZ68 "Spirit In The Falls" and placed in GC1A5YD "She's Such an Angel!" on 6/28/2011
Picked up on 8/18/2011 from "She's Such an Angel!" and placed in GC2HE8R "ShaMart" on 8/23/2011
Picked up on 9/1/2011 from "ShaMart" and placed in GC1B0JE "Babbling Brook" on 9/27/2011
Picked up on 12/02/2011 "Babbling Brook". No Further Report.

Card #167 blue placed in GCK5VD 35.97185 -83.90113 Quiet Side of Morningside on 9/12/2004
Picked up on 10/13/04 and placed in GCH188 35.371483 -83.207283 The Cash Cache on 11/16/04
Picked up on 12/31/2005 and placed in GCKCQK 26.95405 -80.08125 Saving Private GatorMeister on 2/2/2006

Card #191 placed in GCJ1DA 43.16798 -73.57927 Blue Bridge on March 22, 2005 Picked up on 5/2/2005 and placed in GCG4HX 43.21612 -73.90633 Spruce Mt. Cache on 5/03/2005

I have placed about 100 cards so far. Some of the caches I have placed cards in have disappeared, and I'm sure many others have been lost. Only 5 cards have arrived in the Adirondacks as of August 8, 2005. But I'm sure there are still many out there waiting to be found!

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