This program is pretty self explanatory, except for a few things. When you click the "Start" button, you first see a blank box and a couple buttons. Click the "Next Problem" to display the first problem. Once you click start, you can use the right and left arrow keys to go to the next and previous problem. The timer doesn't start until you see the first problem. The answer to the previous problem is in small text below the problem box. You can do addition or multiplication, just click the "Switch to..." button.

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About this program
This program has 100 problems including every combination of single digit numbes 0-9, alternating 0x or x0, and doubling up on all double numbers higher than 0, making for a total of 100 problems.

Math Help
Check the boxes to do only certain numbers.
0's   5's
1's   6's
2's   7's
3's   8's
4's   9's
Press enter on a problem if you get it wrong. Click "Show Wrong Problems" when you're done to see the problems you got wrong. Notice if a lot of your errors are in the same column or row. You can use the above check boxes to practice the corresponding numbers.
To see some videos and instructions for learning math click here.